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Dr. Matt & Dr. Sadey share with you how families who trust their gut, often get to the answers they need, and often they are answers they didn't expect!

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Chiropractic Miracle Man

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2019

Oliver's birth is not one that I like to think about yet the guilt I carry still to this day means I think about it a lot. The guilt I had following his birth was so strong that I deleted every single picture and video of us. I was so mad I didn’t know he was sick and I was so angry at myself that I didn’t know my own son needed immediate medical attention. 

I had a home birth that would have been picture perfect if Oliver came out breathing, but he didn't. He took so long to breathe after a crazy fast, tough birth that we called 911 and that "please take a breath" thought turned into a frantic panic when he started turning blue and still not a single breath.

The first cry of his is a sound I will never forget, so precious and so perfect. By the time the ambulance came Oliver was pink, showed great scores on his Apgar and was given the all clear by the paramedics. By the time they packed up their equipment and left we took our first breath of relief and let out a...

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The BIG PWC Reveal!!!

chiropractic team wellness Jan 16, 2019

We're beyond excited to serve more families than ever in 2019!

 NEED to talk to a Doc or one of our Care Team rockstars? 


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The moment I saw the positive result on a pregnancy test strip, my heart skipped a million beats. The moment we had been waiting for, for quite some time, had actually happened. At that very moment, I couldn’t think of anything else besides “Holy crap, I’m going to be a mom!”. Completely elated with joy and disbelief, I took about 12 more pregnancy tests, that week, just to make sure. I wasn’t a girl who dreamt of having babies. Not that I didn’t want them, I just didn’t even think about it. I thought it might happen one day, and when it does, I’ll figure it out then. I mean, so many people have done it before me and my friends have done it, so clearly I can do it. Then after a while, reality set in, “I’m growing a baby and somehow that baby has to come out of my body!” Truthfully that scared me. As a first time mom, I had NO IDEA what that was going to be like, or feel like; physically or emotionally, and the...

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Have a REAL "New Year, New you" this year!

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2019

‘Tis the season

We just finished the gauntlet that is “the holiday season” we rounded the corner on Thanksgiving and ran headstrong into the Christmas season. Schedules were packed full kiddo’s Christmas programs, office holiday parties are here, and for a lot of families some creative and crazy travel schedule to make sure you can fit in all of the events you had.  Then it’s over in one fell swoop and we were staring face first at all of the “New Year, New You” posts.


But is it a new year? Are you going to be a new you?


For so many people we look at New Years as a how we are going to implant all of the changes we want to make based off all things we didn’t like that last year (the guy writing this is personally guilty of that).   


A lot of people are strong the first few weeks then as the year goes on the success rates drop like the temp outside here in the Chicagoland area in winter (again,...

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Prenatal Chiropractic

In today’s fast paced highly technical world, the journey of pregnancy has become a mixed bag of emotions for women.  With all of the doctor appointments and “routine” tests, it leaves many women feeling overwhelmed and fearful for the journey ahead. These feelings were very apparent during a recent  casual conversation with a friend whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years, and the conversation gradually shifted over to the fact that she was expecting her first baby in just under four months.  I generally have these types of conversations quite often with women, because prenatal chiropractic has been my focus for nearly ten years.  This conversation was no different from many of the others, but something she said really struck me: We were discussing who her birth provider was and where she was delivering, when she casually hinted that she wasn't really happy with her current doctor.  Her description of their relationship was, “I feel...

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Why Does My Child Keep Getting Ear Infections?

Latest research has shown that up to 95% of kids will have at least one ear infection before the age of 3. That in an of itself is a staggering number, but for a lot of kids it unfortunately doesn’t just stop after one, but turns into multiple bouts of them. 

Ear infections are so incredibly common, half of visits to a pediatrician are typically ear infection and respiratory related.  However, just because they are common, does not mean they are normal. If your kiddo is struggling with this, it's time we meet!

Instead of working backwards to just find better treatments for ear infections, pediatric chiropractors work on sorting out the underlying cause(s) and focus their care and attention there. With that approach, we start with two key questions: 

First, why is the occurrence of ear infections so high? And second, why is the reoccurrence so high as well?  

The explanation so many families get is that the Eustachian tubes that allow the ears to drain, are...

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Empowered Birth

If you are anything like me, from the time you were little you played house, played with babies and instinctively played mom. God blessed us with an innate drive to care for and nurture those that need help so we can practice our mothering skills as we grow up. Somewhere along the way movies with screaming women, tv shows with women shrieking in agony and implications surround our young girls that childbirth cannot be done without intervention, a massive team of doctors, and enough medication to knock us out because childbirth is only meant to survive. What if you were meant to dominate childbirth?

During a two day labor where our dear friend’s doula was out of town, I stepped in as a back up and I spent a lot of time in the labor and delivery waiting room. I saw many women arriving in wheel chairs and sobbing. Not sobbing because they were about to meet this amazing little being they have spent 10 months growing and loving but because they were scared out of their minds....

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It Takes Courage to Make Choices for Your Birth

birth pregnancy Nov 15, 2018

"If I don't know my options, I don't have any." -Diana Korte

A Voice. Confidence. Support.
They showed me that I am able to question how I wanted both my pregnancies and labor/delivery to go. I always thought birth and labor was just going with the flow or what “everybody else” does.
The courage it takes to make choices for your pregnancy story or for your baby is very intimidating, and it is so amazing to have a tribe surround you, back you up and lift you up when you feel confused or vulnerable.
PWC and all the doctors guided me when I needed help, always making my family and I feel valued and loved!
I want every woman to feel valued and guided in her choices when it comes to welcoming a new life into this world. During every visit to PWC, I want each family to be able to create their OWN story, not have to just follow somebody else’s! Knowing what I gained during my pregnancy and birth...
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Dr. Tony Tells #1 Secret to Not Getting Sick


What do we do different that keeps our kids healthy, when so many kids are sick and have allergy flare ups this time of year? Hint - it’s not what you think!

Need more answers... join us at our next Kick the Sick!

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We Can't Wait to Help You!

The PWC Care Team

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