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Our team at PWC Chiropractic are experts in prenatal, pediatric and family care. 

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ADHD & Sensory Workshop for Parents

Maybe your child has been given a label of ADHD, ASD, SPD or maybe you just know in your gut there's more going on than others' realize... it's time to attend the Perfect Storm!

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PWC Grand Opening

We are ready to CELEBRATE our new location with YOU! If you've already been to 615 Dakota Street then you know why we love it so much! If you haven't, this is your chance! We thought of YOU in every detail and we're so excited to celebrate with our PWC Tribe!

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Kick the Sick FREE Workshop

Sniffles, allergies and coughs don't have to cause missed school days and sleepless nights. Learn from Dr. Matt and Well-Rooted Pediatrics how you can KICK the SICK fast!


Let Dr. Ron & Dr. Matt teach you how to Kick the Sick in your family!

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