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🌟Chiropractic Helps 📖 Homework Time

Chiropractic and Homework 

Kristina checking in here, fully refreshed and recharged after an awesome family vacation with a little #parentlife perspective.

To make sure we could get back in time to help out the skeleton crew we had running at PWC last week due to spring break, we took off a few days early the week before (which also helped beat the crowds a bit!). As such, the three older kids had quite a bit of homework they needed to wrap up tonight before we get back to school tomorrow. 

The older kids especially had quite a bit of homework to do and maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I didn’t help with any. Addison is 11 and very self sufficient and I didn’t even see her work. Oliver did all his homework with Addison checking his work afterwards. Yes, Addison is the double whammy of awesomeness in this equation. Unless you don't feel like being bossed around, that is not her strength. ;)

Does this homework magic that occurs have anything to do...

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