All you need to know about the Gift of Health 🎁


The Gift of Health is here!   From now until January 31st, we’re offering $47 exams at PWC. The coolest part about the $47 scans is that  of it is being donated towards pediatric chiropractic research! We’ve partnered with the brilliant minds already started with some amazing research at New Zealand Chiropractic College, as well as the National Family Wellness Alliance. At our Epic Impact event in San Diego, $100,000 was already donated and Epic Pediatric offices across the country are committed to raising lots more! 

If you yourself have been watching our page and still haven’t called in yet, now is your chance to get started for only a $47 donation to an amazing cause! If someone in your family still hasn’t started, let’s do this (we see you Dad )! If you know a neighbor, friend, or parent that needs us, let them know about the Gift of Health. 

Current peeps, grab a stack of Gift of Health coupons at PWC and keep them with you...

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