Good Health Starts in the _______ System

Every year in January most of us take a fresh look and a fresh run at our health, but after the hot mess that was 2020... let's really rock it this year and get our health to the best it's ever been in 2021! 💥

To help you with that process, our PWC Team has committed to DOUBLING the amount of helpful educational content we share with you in all forms! We're going to be sending twice the amount of helpful emails and texts, doubling our Facebook and Instagram content, starting our YouTube channel and Podcast, and also offering 2X the amount of in-person Health Workshops at PWC on Thursday nights all year long! 

We got you, you got this! Your stress 😤 doesn't stand a chance in 2021 with us on your team! 

To kick us off, let's start with where we all need to start, diving right into the most important aspect of our health and wellness - the Central Nervous System .

The focus of this email is the quote that is the foundation of our Perfect Storm workshop,...

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PWC Docs Talk Coronavirus

Tune in to hear our doc's take on why getting adjusted during this time is critical. There are many preventative things you can do to keep your immune system healthy so it is able to protect your body if you are exposed to anything. Please watch below:



We also loved the info in this article: Worried About the Coronavirus? What you Need to Know to Protect Yourself  (even though she left off getting adjusted on the list...all other great things and too good not to share )

Please also know we have taken every precaution at PWC with removing the harder to clean toys, constant wiping down of all toys we left out, wiping down all surfaces and practicing good hand washing procedures. We also have organic cleaning wipes available all around the office if there's an extra wipe down you'd like to do at any point. You staying healthy is always our top concern. 


, Your PWC Care Team



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