Wake Up Levi!


Hi PWC Family!

Some of you may have already caught what’s going on with our Facebook posts the last 24 hours, but we wanted to make sure everyone is in the know about this amazing  kiddo Levi who’s healing journey has led him to PWC this week!

Levi and his twin sister, Lainey, suffered a drowning accident on November 28th of last year. His incredible family has been on a healing journey ever since. Lainey has made a full and miraculous recovery, but Levi still is struggling through a “neurostorm” 🌪 challenges… which is led him to PWC, which is our specialty as many of you know.

There is so much to this incredible story, and since PWC is such a supportive, empowering, and strong 💪 community… we’d love for you to catch up, keep track, and most importantly add Levi to your prayers 🙏 !

One other reason we wanted to get this message out to you via our email, blog, text, and social media is to let you know that it has also awesomely led to a flood of phone calls ☎️ and messages 📧 coming into PWC from families all over who have been following Levi’s story, and are looking for Hope, Answers, and Help (healing) for their child as well!

That may mean that you find our phone 📞 lines busy or not be able to connect and chat with our Front Desk CAs quite the same during your appointment today and tomorrow! We have “all hands on deck” with our incredible Care Advocate crew in there so we can keep serving you as we love to do… and support all these families in need as well!

Thankfully we also have our incredible network of nearly 500 other offices that we’ve trained in our Perfect Storm Care Programs, who will be working alongside us to provide the care for all these kids and families!

It’s such an incredible blessing and calling to serve Levi, his family, and every child and family that comes through that front door ta 615 Dakota Street and absolutely can ‘Expect Miracles’  Pediatric Chiropractic Care!


Watch the news story 📺 about Levi’s journey to PWC here:


Follow the whole story here:



Please keep those prayers 🙏 going full force for this little rockstar, his family, and Team PWC!


Team PWC


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