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#momlife #moms #mothersday May 12, 2019

I freaking love this holiday. Getting spoiled and basically doing whatever I want in the spirit of Mother’s Day. I got to sleep in, plus a long run, plus everyone putting away their own laundry without a peep of complaining...and my whole family was actually happy about all this. They even showered me with gifts telling me how much they love me. It’s seriously the best holiday. With so much indulgence and feeling so loved, it’s kind of impossible to think there are days where this gig is anything but pure bliss. We are their world and they are ours. Motherhood is a deep bond where no matter how different we are, we share this part of us.  We are women who love something more than ourselves and wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing everything to make these little creatures happy. We are women almost always second guessing our decisions and comparing ourselves to others only because we want to ensure we are doing our best. We are women that feel like our best is not really good enough. We are women that focus so much on what we don’t get right that we miss out on seeing we are the whole entire world to the little people we are raising and that they think we're pretty great. Today is a great day to see ourselves through their eyes.  

To my oldest baby girl. You had me at my best. I had so much energy and an abundance of time. Singing ABCs, practicing writing your name, and hours upon hours reading books, coloring and doing crafts. I think because you had the most of me, you are the most like me. You are a perfectionist to the core and your stubborn little heart will never give up or take no for an answer. I hope along the way I can teach you to enjoy all those little victories you will work so hard for. ENJOY is not something we are good at but together I hope we can continue to show each other life is meant to be lived and not just perfected. There is a special place in my heart for the girl that was the first to give me the honor of becoming a mom. Thank you for showing me I’m good enough exactly as I am. I love you with my whole heart.

To my only son and sweet little boy. Your whole life is run by girls and you don’t even seem to mind it. Being bossed around doesn’t bother you and you enjoy just letting your sisters be happy.  You have such a pure heart and make my job as your mom so easy that sometimes I feel guilty I give so little to you. All you ever ask for is to snuggle to sleep which you do so in 20 seconds or less. You’re my reminder that when surrounded by love and family, we don’t need much to be fulfilled and truly happy. There is a special place in my heart for the boy who made me a mom again. Thank you for showing me my love is good enough and all that is needed to be a mom.  I love you with my whole heart.

To my free spirit and joy filled heart little girl. I don’t understand you at all but I am in awe of you. Nothing breaks your spirit and you see the absolute best in everything and everyone. You love life so much and being goofy and moving slowly to enjoy it is your specialty. When I remind myself to see things through your eyes, I’m reminded how beautiful things can be. You are the first one to get crumbs all over the floor and the last one to understand the desire to keep a room clean. You’re also the first one to know when I need a hug and the last one to stop giggling. There is a special place in my heart for the girl that brings so much love and joy into my world. Thank you for showing me how happy life can be.  I love you with my whole heart.

To my tenacious, take no prisoners little baby girl. All of my rules and regulations with your siblings don’t seem to apply to you. I never planned it that way but you are my reminder how fast time goes. Wasting any of that time when you are so very precious and little on rules and regulations seems silly. That also means you’re my boss and sometimes it gets a little ridiculous how much I let you get away with. Even more ridiculous is that the whole family is at your beck and call and there’s nothing we love more! You will be a world changer because you’ll be able to bend and swerve around every obstacle you come across. You show us that you can feisty and go after what you want while having a giving heart and wanting the best for others too. There is a special place in my heart for the girl that lights up my life. Thank you for reminding me all I ever wanted to do was be a mom. I love you with my whole heart.

To my amazing mom who taught me everything I know, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! All I ever wanted to do was be a mom and that’s because all I ever wanted to do was be you. Making you proud is still something that fuels me to do my best in everything I do. You gave so much of yourself to us but I never remember a single time hearing you complain. Don’t get me wrong, I remember some freak out moments of messy rooms, shoes by the front door and other miscellaneous freak outs but never a time where it was being a mom that had you stressed. You somehow did it all and now I know what it felt like sometimes. It felt hard. It felt like some days were just too much. It felt like some days four kids was a very very bad idea. It felt like you could never keep up. It felt like no matter how hard you tried, it wasn’t enough. I never knew that growing up. I only knew love, happiness, family vacations, family soccer games, knee hockey games in the basement, runs with you, a cheerleader in every single big and small moment, and someone that always saw the best in me. I have always thought you were a good mom but it wasn’t until I became a mother too that I truly realized how much you love me and how much I love you. There is a special place in my heart to the woman that showed me through example the kind of mother I wanted to be. Thank you for being the rock of our family and the world’s best Baka to my kids.

To my wonderful mother-in-law, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! All I ever wanted to do was be a wife and mom and when I met your son, I saw my whole life. I saw happiness, love, commitment, joy and the will to make it through anything together. I know he’s the man of my dreams because of the mother you were to him. I know you put in all the love, sacrifice, and time to make him the man he is and then you had to let him go. You’ve always made me feel like a part of the family and that means the world to me! I’m so grateful to be in your family and that my kids get the world’s best grandma! And to my sister-in-laws, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I never had a sister but I couldn’t have picked better ones then the ladies I get to call sisters by marriage. Being mothers and raising our kids with their cousins is something I’ve always wanted. Thank you for joining your families with mine and surrounding my kids with love.

To the ladies I work alongside at PWC, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Tackling the world of being a working mom with all of you is such a blessing. Nothing matters more than the humans we are raising and we support one another so home is always our first priority. We also support each other in knowing we desire more to be fulfilled. That we can never miss a mom moment while still dominating what we do to change the world through chiropractic. That we can be surrounded by strong and empowered women without feeling like it takes away any of our strength. You are the first to lift me up and remind me of my purpose. Thank you for being the women who also feel like they can have it all and they aren’t scared to put in the work to make it happen. I love you all!

To ALL MOMS, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! Can you believe we were put in charge of shaping the future? I know some days feel like all you do is handle poop and cleaning and then more poop but focus on the long term of what you’re doing. Every action is being watched and learned by the next generation. Let’s show them love, encouragement, grace, humility, and respect. The world will be a better place because we have been amazing mothers. Enjoy this day and carry the feeling of appreciation with you always. We might not always get this spoiled every day but I promise that we are always this loved. Thank you for sharing this amazing motherhood journey with me.


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